Some of the Highlights of the AGCM 

  • NEPAN’s Chair Mr. Chet Nath Kanel chaired the opening session of the AGCM that formally began at 9:00 am. Altogether  101 participants attended the inauguration session. The inauguration was done by jointly releasing NEPAN’s publications, viz. SAHABHAGITA-52, NEPAN Strategy (2018-2022) and Success stories.  Then, a panel discussion on ‘Civic Participation and Governance in Federalism: Strengths, Weaknesses, Challenges and Opportunities was conducted. Bala Nanda Paudel (Ex chair of Local Level Restructuring Commission), Dr. Bhola Dahal (Ex chair of NEPAN) and Uma Thapa Magar (Deputy Mayor of Nepalgunj Metropolitan City), were panel discussion that was facilitated by Tej Dahal (Ex Chair of NEPAN).  On the occasion of AGCM, Dr. Purna Nepali, Gambhir Bahadur Hada, Chhing Lhamu Sherpa, Jhabindra Bhandari, Mahesh Shrama and Fatik Thapa were awarded for their contribution to NEPAN.
  • The AGCM also endorsed the Annual Progress Report/Audit Report (FY 2074/075), and Budget/programme for FY 2075/076 with necessary amendments.
  • The AGCM approved a proposal of giving NEPAN’s membership to ten persons, and institutional membership to three organizations.
  • From the AGCM, Mr Tej Bahadur Sunar is elected as Treasurer, similarly, Ms. Padma Shakya, Mr. Padam Bhusal are elected as Members of Executive Committee (EC) of NEPAN.  EC meeting will nominate one more female EC member.

Now, NEPAN EC has been formed as below:

  1. Chairman   :  Mr. Chet Nath Kanel
  2. IPP              :   Mr. Uttam Uprety
  3. Treasurer :   Mr. Tej Bahadur Sunar
  4. Member    :    Dr. Anoj Chhetri
  5. Member    :    Mr. Ashbin Kumar Pudasaini
  6. Member    :    Mr. Krishna Subedi
  7. Member    :    Ms. Padma Kumari Shakya
  8. Member    :    Ms. Rupa Basnet
  9. Member     :    Ms. Rupa Munakarmi
  10. Member     :    Mr. Padam Bhusal
  11. Member     :    Mr. Shreeram KC
  12. Member     :    Mr. Nanda Lal  Majhi
  13. Member     :    Dr. Meenakshi Dahal