We are pleased to inform you all that NEPAN’s 23rd AGCM has been completed successfully today, on September 9, 2017. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all the participants who offered their helping hands to make it a success. NEPAN secretariat would like to share some of the Highlights of the AGCM with you all.
1) NEPAN’s Chair Mr Uttam Uprety chaired the opening session of the AGCM that formally began at 9:20 am. During the opening session release of 51st issue of SAHABHAGITA was followed by inauguration of the 23rd AGCM. On the occasion, a panel discussion on PARTICIPATION IN LOCAL GOVERNANCE: OPPORTUNITISES AND CHALLENGES was organised, in which Sita Pariyar, Member Secretary of Bhojpur DCC, Dr Mukti Rijal, an expert of good governance, Dr. Shibhesh Chandra Regmi, ex chair of NEPAN and Dr. Bhola Dahal, ex chair of NEPAN, all as panelists, put their views and experiences. Gobinda Neupane moderated the session.  Altogether 106 participants attended the opening session. The programme was held at Siddhartha Cottage in Tinkune, Kathmandu.
2) The AGCM also endorsed the Annual Progress Report/Audit Report (FY 2073/074), and Budget/programme for FY 2074/075 with necessary amendments.
3) The AGCM approved a proposal of giving NEPAN’s membership to 20 persons and life membership to one person.
4) From the 23rd AGCM, one Chair, and seven EC members have been elected unanimously.
Now, NEPAN EC has been formed as below:

  1. Chair: Mr. Chet Nath Kanel
  2. IPP: Mr. Uttam Uprety
  3. Treasurer: Mr. Tej Bahadur Sunar
  4. Member:   Dr. Anoj Chhetri
  5. Member:   Mr. Ashbmin Kumar Pudasaini
  6. Member:   Mr. Keshav Nepal
  7. Member:   Mr. Krishna Subedi
  8. Member:   Mr. Nanda Lal Majhi
  9. Member:   Ms. Padma Shakya
  10. Member:   Ms. Rupa Basnet
  11. Member:   Ms. Rupa Munakarmi
  12. Member:   Dr. Sanju Koirala
  13. Member:   Mr. Shree Ram KC
  14. Member Secretary: Mr. Fatik Thapa (Executive Director)

5) Letters of appreciation were distributed to outgoing members for their valuable contributions to NEPAN. Likewise, Gopal Tamang and Tulsi Sapkota were given certificates of member of the year and staff of the year respectively.
We would like to congratulate to the newly elected board members. Similarly, we are also grateful to the outgoing members for all support NEPAN EC/Secretariat received during their tenure.
We’re sure that we will be continually getting help, as usual, from all NEPAN members in days to come.